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Travel influencers reveal...
"How you too can grow a successful business online from the convenience of your laptop, while having FREEDOM of your time and SECURITY regardless of what's happening in the world."
From: Mick & Mikki
Re: Get that security and freedom while building your online business
Hello there :)

Ten years ago, we never would have imagined ourselves traveling the world full-time while earning.

Today’s world offers so many opportunities that didn’t exist just a few years back, and it’s all just waiting there for anyone who wants to take that leap.
We've traveled to over 100 countries the past two years while starting and growing our online business
Mick's story: In the same 9-5 situation not too long ago...
Mick used to work for a B2B agency, working 9-5 (more like 9-7ish), where he waited for the time of the year to send his request for his vacation leave, not knowing whether his micro-manager boss would approve it or simply reject it.

In summer of 2017, he was laid off from his job of 6 years, forcing him to quickly decide whether to look for another corporate job or risk it all and use his savings to travel the world for a year.

Mick's last day in the office after being laid off from his 9-5 job...
Mikki's Story: Pursuing the wrong passion
Mikki, on the other hand, was studying medicine until he realized his passion was elsewhere.

He wanted to have more freedom and control of his life, instead of the pile of books and never-ending work hours that lay ahead of him if he pursued it.
Mikki spent 10 years in med school until he pursued his real passion
Watching social media influencers & digital nomads living their best life from the outside looking in...
Before we started our journey, we were just like many people on the outside looking in at these influencers and/or digital nomads on social media living their best lives.

They travel the world flying first class and staying at luxury hotels, and completely in control of their time and freedom.

We always wondered, "how are these people actually earning while doing all of this?"

Our journey began the day we decided to take action
Mick went back and forth for months deciding whether to look for a regular job or to take a leap of faith and pursue his dream of traveling the world while earning from any destination that he chose. Ultimately, Mick bought a one-way ticket and never looked back.

Mikki, on the other hand, decided not to continue practicing medicine. After he graduated med school, he took his leap of faith and traveled the world, without knowing exactly what opportunities would come his way.

Two years later, we have now traveled collectively to over 100+ countries while earning anywhere as long as there's a WiFi connection.
We didn’t know anything about a career as a digital marketer
If we had go through our college education all over again, we would have chosen the courses that would set us up where we are right now.

The problem is, very few back then (even now, to be honest) have the necessary skill sets and what it takes to be a successful digital marketer. Not many had any idea of the endless benefits that come along with it.

This skill sets we acquired as digital marketers has given us the control to live our lives on our terms.
We were LUCKY to find the right mentors
One of the best ways to break into a chosen field or learn more about becoming an entrepreneur is to find someone who has gone before you and has successfully achieved that same goal. This person has the ability to provide valuable advice and encouragement as a mentor.

Luckily, for us, we found the right mentors who guided us step-by-step, leading us to a world where we could just live the life of our dreams.

And now, we want to give back and show you the way to do it!
The one mental block that we overcame...
It is with the help of our mentors that we overcame this one mental block...

And one that probably made the most significant difference:

If you don't take a specific action, the action will not happen. Without putting in the work, you will not attain the results you want to achieve.

Perhaps it was because of self-doubt that we struggled with committing to our actions consistently.

We continuously doubted if we could do this, or if this was the right path for us. But the moment we decided to be consistent with our intentions and actions...


First result: our social media following reached new heights
We saw results pour in with each action we took.

We launched a few Instagram accounts in the travel niche, where we focused specifically on creating content and mastering our online brand, which eventually grew collectively to 4 million followers and counting.
This led us to work with some of the brands below:
Second result: mastering the power of selling on Facebook and Instagram and seeing our first 5-figure earnings daily 
Apart from growing our social media accounts, we were also able to master the art and power of selling on Instagram and Facebook.

The reason why you are on this very page right now is because of the Facebook pixel. We launch our ads to target specific people who are most likely interested in our niche - and here you are!

Facebook and Instagram have unimaginable data on all of their users - and they know which people are most likely to buy from you.

Mastering the art of selling on Facebook and Instagram has provided millions of people financial freedom, with the help of installing the Facebook pixel code on this landing page.

Now imagine having your online business and asking Facebook and Instagram to find you people whom they know will buy from you?!

You Don't Need Talent to Achieve Your Dreams
Hard work, persistence, and grit are the only skill sets you need to achieve anything - regardless of what venture you want to pursue.

Now, you’re probably wondering how you too could achieve the same freedom millions of online entrepreneurs have right now.

And for a long time, we didn’t have an easy answer for people like you.

You could research on your own or buy expensive outdated courses, and if you can put all the pieces together, you may achieve the same results.

That’s what we did, and it worked for us. But it definitely wasn’t easy…

In fact, it was so hard that we wanted to create a more accessible option for people like you who want to acquire the same skill sets and results in a fraction of the time that we had to spend.

And that’s why we created something absolutely unique…
The Digital Marketer Elite Course
The Digital Marketer Elite Course is an in-depth, easy to follow, how-to course that shows our step-by-step blueprint for generating our income online; a path that has allowed us to break free from the 9-5 and travel to over 100 countries in just the past two years.

Most digital marketing courses focus on showing you how to launch ads on Facebook and Instagram, and The Digital Marketer Elite Course does that too… while ALSO showing you how we PERSONALLY launch our campaigns and the steps we took to generate income (which is something most of the other courses ignore).

We've taken all the practical shortcuts and hacks we've discovered along the way the past few years... and packaged them into this quick-to-complete accelerated course.

We wish we had access to this when we got started. It would have saved us a few years of struggle!

Just imagine:
Acquiring a new skill set that can set you free from the 9-5 rat race
Knowing that you don't have to work tomorrow, if you don't want to
Being able to work anywhere in the world, whenever you feel like it
Not having to worry about somebody else managing your time
Taking a vacation whenever you want without having to ask permission if you can leave
Having control of your own income while you travel the world
Knowing the insider secrets of millions of online entrepreneurs
Spending more quality time with yourself and with people you cherish the most in life
Experiencing life the way millions of successful digital marketers around the world are living right now
And you will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skill sets that are laid out on The Digital Marketer Elite Course.
You Will Be Equipped With the Knowledge of Digital Marketers Who Built Their Online Business With Facebook and Instagram (And How You Can Do Exactly The Same RIGHT NOW)
You're probably thinking whether or not you can achieve the same results, if you don't possess any prior knowledge or experience to become a digital marketer or an online entrepreneur.

And it's perfectly normal to think that way, because we had the same thoughts too!

However, everything changed for us the moment we decided to TAKE ACTION, ACQUIRE the necessary knowledge, and execute the plan laid out in front of us.

We just couldn't keep holding off on this golden opportunity that millions of people are enjoying right now.

Think about it...

There has never been a better time to start a business online. You only need a computer and an internet connection to turn your hobby into a money-making side hustle.

Now, if you're like most of our students, you've asked yourself at some point how you too can achieve the same freedom as these online entrepreneurs on Instagram, traveling as they grow and scaling their business at such a YOUNG age.
A Similar Course Online Would Cost You Thousands Of Dollars!
And that’s assuming the course is easy to follow and gives a clear step-by-step plan...

Now, if you were to buy courses from other digital marketing gurus online, those would cost you about $1200 on average.

There are 3 courses of detailed, step-by-step action plans in The Digital Marketer Elite Course, so those lessons alone would cost you at least $3600 (and that’s excluding $219 worth of free bonuses).

The good news is that you won’t have to pay $1000 to join this course…

But first, I have to warn you about something:
Huge 80% Discount For The  Digital Marketer Elite Course Ends Tonight
So if you want to acquire the knowledge and skill sets so you can finally take charge of your future, now is the time to take action.

Just a few short weeks from now you could be seeing your first consistent revenue online...

Or you can keep doing what you’re doing now.

The choice is yours.
The Digital Marketer Elite Course Comes With A
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Normally $997
Today Only $197
(Or 3 Payments of $79)

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If you’re not happy with The Digital Marketer Elite Course Comes for any reason, just let us know and we will refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to hello@1mdigital.com, tell us why you want a refund, and you’ll get all your money back.
Here's What Our Students Are Saying...
"Mick and Mikki have created an interesting program with The Digital Marketer Elite Course which features plenty of interesting and helpful content. It teaches a wide range of topics from the basics of launching your product or affiliate offers on Facebook and Instagram to advanced advertising tactics and how to ultimately run a sustainable business."
Honey Alba
Sydney, Australia
"The Digital Marketer Elite Course has so much value and really is a gold mine of information, and I really like the presentation and thoroughness of the course study modules. I finally know how these people can afford to travel and have the freedom to do it!!"
Amanda Shapiro
San Francisco, California
So Here's Exactly What You'll Discover in The Digital Marketer Elite Course
How to Launch Facebook Ads Complete Masterclass
Over 100 pages, step-by-step action plan on how to sell or get valuable leads using Facebook and Instagram ads.

Here's what you will learn:
 The success of your campaigns start here. Learn how the Facebook pixel works, how it finds people who are most likely to buy from you, and where to find it (Module 1.1)
How to find the RIGHT target audience so you don't waste your advertising budget! (Module 6.1 - 6.9)
How to catch the attention of people who are randomly scrolling through their feeds with your Facebook and Instagram ads (Module 5 and Module 12)
Master Facebook analytics so you understand the key metrics to look for that will save you a lot of money (Module 8.1-8.5)
How to turn losing campaigns into winning ones (Module 9.1-9.6)
How to scale winning campaigns (Module 14.14-14.15)
How to turn those clicks into conversions by using these ad psychology tricks on your landing pages (Module 7.1-7.7)
From $0 to $16K in 30 Days
Over 100 pages, step-by-step action plan that guides you on how we set up our landing pages, the ad marketing tactics we use, the Facebook pixel codes we used, and the simple funnel step we implemented - all of which resulted with sales nearing $17K in 30 days.

Here's what you will learn:
Deciding what products to sell - from creating your own, or jumping to affiliate marketing, or starting your online store via drop shipping (Module 1)
How sales funnels work and how they are used by digital marketers to SELL, SELL, SELL  (Module 11)
Knowing which pixel code to use so that Facebook and Instagram can find people who are more likely to purchase from you! (Module 12)
How we sold close to $17K of our e-book using this VERY simple 3-step funnel (Section 14)
The step-by-step process we use to launch our campaigns on Facebook and Instagram (so you can copy the same method)  (Module 14)
Finding the right target audience (so you don't waste your money and show your ads to people who aren't interested in your offer!) (Module 6)
Knowing what to troubleshoot in your landing page when something is not working (so you don't lose sales!) (From 0 to $16K in 30 Days, Section 8: p. 107-119)
Make Money While You Sleep

Whereas the first two courses focus on how to sell via Facebook and Instagram ads, The Make Money While You Sleep course teaches you another method of earning passive income by showing you step-by-step how we rank niche websites on the first pages on Google.

Here's what you will learn:
How to start your research process for what niche to get into (so you don't lose time!)  (Module 4)
Knowing the right strategy for selecting the right domain (so you can rank faster!) (Module 4.4)
The methods and strategies we use that boost our niche websites to the first pages of Google (and the service we use to help us achieve this within 30 days!) (Module 4.3)
The tools we use to spy on our competition (so you can outrank them, which means more traffic and sales to you!) (Module 4.4)
Here's What Our Students Are Saying...
"This is a comprehensive guide for anyone that wants to get into the affiliate marketing or drop shipping game, via launching ads on Facebook and Instagram. I have been in affiliate marketing for 4 years, and I think that this information is very detailed.

I really like that you are given a lot of affiliate programs to sign up with. That's one of the hard parts about affiliate sales- finding the thing you need to sell. Also, I liked that the author pointed out you shouldn't try to sell everything out there. That's definitely a rookie mistake. It is confusing to the audience.

If you are trying to get into affiliate marketing, you will find a lot of good information in this book. I thought it was well written."
Tim Richards
Austin, Texas
"'I've been in digital marketing for nearly five years and new ways of attracting customers pop up all the time. Facebook has done so much with their advertising platform and couple that in with all their user data, that results in the perfect place to reach your targeted audience.

I've dabbled in their platform with some mild successes and have been looking for a book to unlock its full potential. This is the book to get, folks. Not only does it dive deep into how Facebook and Instagram Advertising works, it breaks down all the targeting and analytics behind it in a very easy to follow format. There's so much useful information here and these guys managed to package it in a way that is so easy to understand.

Not only does the course show you how to set up your campaigns and landing pages, it also tells you which one to set up and why so there's less trial and error on your part.

Since the content is fresh, the instructional screen grabs inside the book are up to date so it makes it easier to go through each step along with the book. And because Facebook owns Instagram, readers will also learn how to target users there as well.

It took about a week of nightly reading to get through everything and I've already set up several new campaigns which are performing beautifully so far!"

Rami R.
Huge 80% Discount For The Digital Marketer Elite Course Ends Tonight
The Digital Marketer Elite Course
Comes With A
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Normally $997
Today Only $197
(Or 3 Payments of $79)
>> Click Here To Join The Digital Marketer Elite Course<<
If you’re not happy with The Digital Marketer Elite Course for any reason, just let us know and we will refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to hello@1mdigital.com and you’ll get all your money back. So you don’t have to make the final decision right now. Just sign up now to lock in this deal, see if you like the course, and then make your final decision.
Free Bonus:
The Traveler's Playbook
Over 100 pages, detailed guide on how we use social media (specifically Instagram), to travel the world and secure brand sponsorships and hotels.

Here's what you will learn:

Building a social media brand plays a big part in our managing to secure travel sponsorships the last few years.

You get a FIRST-HAND look at the emails and media kits we send to brands that allowed us to work with and get paid by them!

Do you notice that your engagement is not as good as it was before?

Let's face it, no matter which social network you're using, the algorithms will always change. We will go over on certain practices we do to counter the algorithm changes that directly affect our engagement rate!


Brands love working with micro-influencers, even if their audience size is only a few thousand. This is because microinfluencers usually have a stronger relationship with their followers, along with a higher engagement percentage compared to a macro-influencer, who typically has a higher following but lower engagement.

We show you how we contact brands, and the emails we send in order to book a gig!


Mikki shares his strategy and techniques for taking his pictures. Over the last 5 years, Mikki has accumulated over four million followers, thanks to his mastery and understanding of photography.

These are just some of the brands we've worked with
Value: $147
Yours: Free
Free Bonus:
The Work From Your Laptop Lifestyle
A FREE e-book on how to get started with affiliate marketing and how to promote offers using Instagram and Facebook.

Here's what you will learn:
How to get yourself started RIGHT AWAY with making money online with affiliate marketing
Which platforms to choose to promote products online so you can get paid!

How to promote affiliate products and target the right audience and niche using Facebook and Instagram!

Value: $97
Yours: Free
Total Bonus Value: $244
FREE When you join The Digital Marketer Elite Course Today
Huge 80% Discount For The Accelerated Digital Marketer Course Ends Tonight
The Digital Marketer Elite Course
Comes With A
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Normally $997
Today Only $197
(Or 3 Payments of $79)
>> Click Here To Join The Digital Marketer Elite Course<<
If you’re not happy with The Digital Marketer Elite Course for any reason, just let us know and we will refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to hello@1mdigital.com and you’ll get all your money back.
Knowledge is Power, Knowledge is Profit
We never thought we would become  entrepreneurs.

Now that we are, it’s hard for us to ever imagine going back to a normal job.

We want you to imagine...
​You Working in Your Pajamas

When you really want to be comfortable, even business casual isn’t casual enough. Online entrepreneurs get to work while wearing sandals, sweatpants, and even pajamas while raking in that dough.
Your Work is Your Own

When you work for someone else, all of your efforts go to helping a business that doesn’t belong to you.

As an entrepreneur, your effort goes to increasing the value of something (a business) that you own outright.

Getting a monthly paycheck is great, but it’s a short-term fix compared to developing an asset that can bring you wealth for years and years to come.
Growing your business

The Internet is a healthy, growing industry. If you start an online business today, it will enjoy the benefits of that growth.
You Can Do What You Love

This may be the single best reason to be an entrepreneur.

Instead of fitting into a box designated by an employer, entrepreneurs can effectively create their own dream job.
You Don't Have a Boss

A great boss is a leader, mentor, and a friend.

A bad boss is hell on earth.

If you don’t want having to risk getting a bad boss then you may like becoming an entrepreneur. You’ll still have responsibilities to other people, but you won’t have to be anyone’s personal underling five days a week.
You Can’t Get Fired

One of the worst things about being an employee is that you never know when you might get the axe. Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and annual salaries are one of their biggest expenses. Any day, you could go to work with a career and come home unemployed.

As an entrepreneur, you can lose clients, visitors, or followers, but you can never lose your job. Your future is in your hands.
You Don’t Have to Quit Your Day Job

Making money online doesn’t usually happen right away. It takes time to develop a website, product, or following. Even the world’s most successful online entrepreneurs (think Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page) didn’t earn money from their websites for years.

But even though becoming an online entrepreneur is a huge commitment, the time can be spread out over as many days as you like. So, you don’t need to quit your day job. You can keep earning a full-time income and build an online business with your free time.
You Can Quit Your Day Job

At some point, your online business may become so profitable that your 9-to-5 job becomes obsolete. That’s when you put in your two weeks’ notice and become a full-time entrepreneur.

Other than winning the lottery, entrepreneurship may be the best way to never need a “real job” again.
You Can Travel the World

When your office is online, you can work from virtually anywhere. As long as you’ve got a power outlet and a connection to the Internet, you’re set.

We travel the globe year-round.

There’s a big, beautiful world out there. Starting an online business gives you a better chance to experience it.
Best office view there is....
Huge 80% Discount For The  Digital Marketer Elite Course Ends Tonight
The Digital Marketer Elite Course
Comes With A
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Normally $997
Today Only $197
(Or 3 Payments of $79)

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What They're Saying About The Digital Marketer Course
From WeiWei
Shanghai, China
From Debbie
Mumbai, India
From Lucia
West Virginia, USA
From Jennifer
Los Angeles, USA
From Jordan
Chicago, USA
From Ellis and Samantha
Vancouver, Canada
Who says we can't work in the pool?
Huge 80% Discount For The Digital Marketer Elite Course Ends Tonight
The Digital Marketer Elite Course
Comes With A
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Normally $997
Today Only $197
(Or 3 Payments of $79)
>> Click Here To Join The Digital Marketer Elite Course<<
If you’re not happy with The Digital Marketer Elite Course for any reason, just let us know and we will refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to hello@1mdigital.com and you’ll get all your money back.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the format of the course?

There is a video course and 3 other ebook courses in the Digital Marketer Course (excluding the free bonus e-books):

Digital Marketer Elite - A fifteen module video course that teaches how you can start you online venture and our very own, EASY TO FOLLOW blueprint that you can start IMPLEMENTING TODAY.

From $0 to $16K in 30 Days  - It's a course that gives you a step-by-step guide for how we sold our e-books, set up our landing pages on Click Funnels and which Facebook pixel codes we used (and how we set them up), and how we launched our campaigns on Facebook and Instagram .

You can apply our technique as a blueprint to launch your product or affiliate marketing.

The Facebook Ads Masterclass - an in-depth, comprehensive guide on how Facebook Ads work. There are over 100 pages in this step-by-step guide, broken down into 7 modules. We learned Facebook advertising which gave us the knowledge and the skill sets to start our online business that generates 4 to 5 figures a day.

Make Money While You Sleep - Whereas the first two courses focus on launching ads on Instagram and Facebook, Make Money While You Sleep gives you our strategy for ranking on the first pages of Google. This is another source of our passive income which works on auto-pilot the moment we are ranked on Google.

You get the steps here and the secret tools we use.

Do I have to show up at a particular place or a particular time?

No, you receive the courses via a link, through a membership portal (for the video course) and ebooks stored on Google Drive that you can download directly. The Digital Marketer Elite Course is completely in PDF format, which works great whether you are on your laptop, tablet, or even on your phone. You can take the courses anywhere with you and complete them at any time that works best for you.
How much time do I need in order to take this course?

You can spend as much or as little time as you want, and you get lifetime access to all course materials, so there is no reason to complete the course within a certain time period.

You can follow the course at your own pace and always come back to them later when you want to revisit the material.
What happens after the course ends?

You’ll have lifetime access to all course content. That means you can always review the material in the future. And you’ll have plenty of time to catch up in case you fall behind.
What if I have no prior experience with Digital Marketing?

The majority of The Digital Marketer Elite students are from all levels, ranging from zero to five years in experience.

The course is designed to give you step-by-step instructions, so that anyone with zero experience won't have to do any guesswork. And for those who do have experience, the courses will give you our methods and strategies that have given us real results the past few years.

What if I’m already an experienced Digital Marketer ?

If you’ve been actively studying Digital Marketing for several years, you’re probably going to be familiar with some of the ideas and techniques that are discussed in the courses.

With that said, even experienced Digital Marketers love the course, because there are so many techniques and ideas that they can apply to make their campaigns profitable.

If you’re worried that you might already know everything we teach, we encourage you to sign up, go through the first few modules, and ask for a refund if you’re not learning new things.

No matter how much experience you already have, there are always more things to learn!
How does the money back guarantee work?

If you want to request a refund, send an email to hello@1MDigital.com within 30 days of your purchase and you’ll get 100% of your money back if you've done the work without results.

Of course, we can only afford this guarantee because we know people love our courses.
Is it safe to pay by credit card online?

We use industry-standard encryption to protect your credit card details throughout the checkout process. Your information is never shared with anyone, and we can’t even see your credit card details ourselves. That’s because we take your online security extremely seriously.

If you don’t like paying by credit card online, you can also pay with your PayPal account.

And of course, you're also protected by our generous 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
Huge 80% Discount For The Digital Marketer Elite Course Ends Tonight
The Digital Marketer Elite Course
Comes With A
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Normally $997
Today Only $197
(Or 3 Payments of $79)
>> Click Here To Join The Digital Marketer Elite Course<<
If you’re not happy with The Digital Marketer Elite Course for any reason, just let us know and we will refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to hello@1mdigital.com and you’ll get all your money back.
Interested in earning 40% starting commission? Become an affiliate!
Contact us hello@1mdigital.com

Mick & Mikki
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